Painful But Necessary

35/365 days of blogging.

Today I had the pleasure of watching, once again, my husband deliver the word to the congregation we serve.  I see the painful work he puts into his sermons each and every week.  Most Sundays the congregation receives the message well and attribute it to God’s word that is being delivered through His servant.

Then there are days that it seems the messages come out of his mouth, go about 3 foot out, and fall to the ground.  It pains my heart to see the pain on his face when he feels he has let God down.  Today was not that case however.  Today he talked about how we are not “junk” in God’s eyes.  We are His masterpiece and if we allow Him to mold us into what His will is for our lives, then we can become that very masterpiece that Richard spoke about this morning.

At the end of his sermon Richard showed this video skit:

It was amazing to see how people responded to this video.  It tied in with Richard’s sermon so well that nothing after that needed to be said.  An invitation was given and the altar was full.

Praise be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ His son!  God is so good!  All the time!


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