Lord Lead Me

37/365 days of blogging

The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for my husband and I.  We started of on Friday having a wonderful “alone time” date with just the two of us.  We used to try to do this about once a month just to make sure we had time together.  With the pressures of the ministry weighing us down on a daily basis, it is important for us to make time for just us.

Saturday was a day spent with friends.  We finally made it to a store in Kirksville, MO called The house of Jesus.  It is a wonderful Christian book store where you can get just about anything Christian related that you may ever want or need.  Upon our return from there, we had a call from some friends who needed help with a problem.  We spent the next few hours taking care of that only to be called to the ER for a church member being seen there.

On Sunday morning, we were called out again to mediate a situation that again needed some attention.  That lead to a counseling session on Sunday afternoon.  We ended the day with a VERY spirit filled worship that I must say did ALL parties involved good.

I have always known that being in the ministry meant that I had to share my husband with many other people and yes that is usually at the most inconvenient times, however there are times I just want to say enough is enough.  Today…He is mine…and you can’t have him!

Today I vowed to do just that.  We tried to steal away some much-needed time to catch up on some computer stuff at the church and a little worship planning while we were there.  Today is his regular sabbath, as is every Monday, but to no avail.  We hadn’t been at the church for more than 20 minutes and yet another crisis prevented those plans from happening.

I must say that even though it frustrates me at times to always share him, I am so blessed by the amount of people who trust him and want him to be a part of strengthening their walk with God.  They are, for the most part, better people when they leave his office, and have a yearning to become closer to God and either start or strengthen their existing walk with the Lord.

I heard this song a few months back and recently heard it on the radio again.  I often have to remind myself that Richard is a born leader and God has anointed him with the gift of telling others about His saving grace. I see him pray over and over, “God please give me the strength and the words to lead them in the right direction, the direction that ONLY points towards you.”

That is my prayer for him and our lives everyday.  Most days I don’t like sharing him.  Most days it frustrates me to be spending a little stolen moment with him and someone “need” him.  And yet…most days I see how blessed we are to be able to help others to know that they are loved and that they can count on this…No matter what the problem, no matter what time of day or night, and no matter who they are, we will ALWAYS be there to lead people to Jesus.


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