It’s Valentines Day!

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I am 47 years old and you would think I would remember at least a few special Valentine Days from my childhood.  Nope.  Not a single one.  I don’t remember who I got my first valentine from, nor do I remember very many from my past as an adult.

I do however remember one Valentine’s Day from my teenage years.  Two words.  Cedar Cinema.  Valentine’s Day was the day that the Cedar Cinema, a local theatre here in our hometown, hosted an all night dance off.  Now most of you don’t know the story of my hubby and I in high school but we were in love.  More in love than any other person in the world could ever be.  We just never told each other.

So we went through high school as best friends and every friday night went to the Disco, yes I said Disco, dances at the Cedar cinema.  On this particular night, Valentine’s Day, they were holding a sweetheart dance marathon.  Richard and I danced all night long and won the dance contest.

What was the prize?  A 1st place ribbon and in our eyes…getting to spend the night together doing what we loved best…dancing.

Since we got married almost 8 years ago…I have remembered each Valentine’s Day we have spent together like a cherished memory from the past.  For a list of reasons why I love him…go here.

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear sweet husband.  Even thought things may not have been a bed of roses for either of us in years past…know that I love you more than I could ever find words to say.



One thought on “It’s Valentines Day!

  1. I wish we could spend another all-nighter at the Cedar Cinema…dancing with you meant everything then….and it still means everything now. I am so thankful that God placed us back together again. Happy Valentines Day, Jeannie. You are the best valentine I could have ever hoped for, then, and now; I love you more than words could ever express. 🙂

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