Unanswered Questions

54/365 days of blogging

Throughout the entire book of Job, his friends had asked him to admit his sin and ask for forgiveness; and eventually job did indeed repent.  Ironically, Job’s repentance was not the kind called for by his friends.  He did not ask for forgiveness for committing secret sins, but for questioning God’s sovereignty and justice.  Job repented of his attitude and acknowledged God’s great power and perfect justice.  We sin when we angrily ask, ‘if God is in control, how could he let this happen?  Because we are locked into time, unable to see beyond today, we cannot know the reasons for everything that happens.  Will you trust God with your unanswered questions?

In chapter 42, Job was quoting the Lord’s earlier questions posed to him in chapter 38.  He openly and honestly faced God and admitted that he was the one who had been foolish.  Are you using what you can’t understand as an excuse for your lace of trust in God?  Admit to God that you don’t even have enough faith to trust Him.  True faith begins in such humility.

God made it clear that Job’s friends were wrong.  The fact that god did not mention any specific sins shows that God confirmed Job’s claim to have led a devout and obedient life.  Job’s friends had made the error of assuming that Job’s suffering was caused by some great sin.  They were judging Job without knowing what God was doing.  We must be careful to avoid making judgments about a person because God may be working in ways we know nothing about.

After receiving much criticism, Job was still able to pray FOR his three friends.  It is difficult to forgive someone who has accused us of wrongdoing.  But Job did.  Are you praying for those who have hurt you?  Can you forgive them?  Follow the actions of Job, whom God called a good man, and pray for those who have wronged you.

The main question in the book of Job is timely.  Why do believers experience troubles and suffering?  Through a long debate.  Job’s supposedly wise friends were unable to answer this question Job’s friends made a serious error for which God rebuked them.  They assumed that trouble comes only because people sin.  People make the same mistake today when they assert that sickness or lack of material blessing is a sign of unconfessed sin or lack of faith.  Though normally following God leads to a happier life, and rebelling against God normally leads to an unhappy life.  god is in control in our world invaded by sin, calamity and suffering may come to good and bad alike.

This does not mean that God is indifferent, uncaring, unjust, or powerless to protect us.  Bad things happen because we live in a fallen world where both believers and unbelievers are hit with the tragic consequences of sin.  God allows evil for a time although he often turns it around for our good.  We may have no answers as to why God allows evil, but we can be sure he is all-powerful and knows what he is doing.  The next time you face traits and dilemmas, see them as opportunities to turn to God for strength.  You will find God who only desired to show his love and compassion to you.  If you can trust him in pain, confusion, and loneliness, you will win the victory and eliminate doubt, one of Satan’s greatest footholds in your life.  Make God your foundation.  You can never be separated from His love.


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