Food, Faith, and Film

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At the church that my husband and I serve, every other Friday night we have what we call Food, Faith, and Film.  We all get together, invite the community and have dinner together and then watch a good wholesome movie on the big screen in the sanctuary.  It is an awesome time of fellowship and some great sharing of food!





Did I say wholesome movie?

Yes I did.  And believe me it is hard to find them.

Movies we have watched…

  • End Of The Spear
  • Fly Away Home
  • By Dawn’s Early Light
  • Second Chance

Our next movie will be Dreamer starring Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell.  It is hard to find a Christian movie that is acceptable to watch in a church.  Problem is that we are so desensitized to all the cussing and inappropriate material in movies that half the time we don’t even notice that it has cuss words in it.

For instance I personally previewed the movie “fly Away Home” twice before showing it at church and did not hear a single cuss word and didn’t see anything in appropriate about the movie at all.  Upon watching it that evening there were two cuss words in it.  I apologized to everyone for it and said I would watch  movies a little closer from now on.  The thing is, people didn’t seem to mind.  They were all saying “Oh it’s ok.  I didn’t even notice.”

So where can we go to find movies that are appropriate for church viewing?  I have found a site called Feature Films for Families that have tons of movies listed that are family friendly.  Also I go to for reviews.

Some movies we have coming up:

  • Akeelah and the Bee
  • Babe
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • Man From Snowy River
  • Address Unknown
  • Come Away Home

Any other ideas?  Leave me a comment!


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