Guest Blog Time: Let’s Talk About Patience!

59/365 Days of Blogging

The wifey doesn’t know that I am writing this…I signed on to her account and wanted to share a post about our Wednesday Evening Bible Study tonight; we are currently in the midst of a series on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and tonight our topic was “Patience.”

Galatians 5:22 tells us that one of the fruits of the Spirit is patience. You know, I have lots of things to do and I do not like to waste my time unless the goal of my activity is to relax and “waste” time. How about you? Do you see pointless wasting of your time as a gift from God? What if someone told you that “longsuffering” is another way to translate this word patience? Do you want to be suffering?

While doing more research on tonight’s study, and on what the Bible really meant by “patience,” what I found were texts on endurance. The New Bible Dictionary defines patience as “restraint in the face of opposition or oppression.” That sounds like a cross between suffering and endurance, rather than wasting time. That fascinated me, because oftentimes when we think we are in the midst of “wasting time,” we are actually being taught a VERY important lesson from God…and that is the lesson of patience.

We need to learn three important things: and that is how our relationship is with God and Patience; Ourselves and Patience; and Our Character and Patience. Chances are, all three suck. We have to do better; we need to do better when it comes to having longsuffering (patience) with waiting on God’s perfect timing…with being gracious and forgiving and patient with others…and with learning that our characters needs more of this important fruit (patience!) to be able to be the Christ-like people that God wants us to be.

Patience/Longsuffering…one of the greatest fruits of the Spirit…and one of the least taught. And learned.

Be blessed!!


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