Be Still

62/365 days of blogging.

Be still, and know that he is God.
Be still, and know that He is holy.
Be still, oh restless soul of mine.
Bow before the Prince of Peace.

Let the noise and clamor cease.
Be still, and know that he is God.
Be still, and know that He is faithful.
Consider all that He has done.
Stand in awe, and be amazed
And know the He
Will never change.
Be still.

Be still, and know that He is God.
Be still, and know that He is God.
Be still, and know that He is God.
Be still.  Be speechless.

Be still, and know that He is God.
Be still, and know He is our Father.
Come rest your head
Upon His breast.
Listen to the rhythm of
His unfailing heart of love,
Beating for His little ones,
Calling each of us to come.

Be still.
Be still.

Be still, and know that He is God by Steven Curtis Chapman.

I recently attended a Woman’s retreat in Danville Indiana.  It was called SeaSide Escape, and it was solely based on psalm 46:10.  “Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  I went with two of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.  Crystal and Jen are both younger than me…one of them (I won’t tell which one..LOL) is 16 years my junior.  The bible tells us as women we are to learn from the older women in the congregation.  But I am here today telling you how much I have learned from them.  They have both taught me things that I didn’t even know I needed to learn.

At the retreat, we learned how to “be still and listen to God’s voice.”  We listened to the song above and then listened to ocean waves for about 15 minutes.  We were to be still and reverently honor Him and His power and majesty.  We are to take time to be still and to exalt God each and every day.

God has continually shown me the people He intends for me to have in my life and the people he has not intended for me to have in my life.  I truly believe that these two women are people who God has placed in my path and intends for me to keep in my life.

Crystal and I have had a few rough patches along our relationship.  Mostly because we have allowed outside forces to influence our relationship.  We never really just stopped talking or stopped having a relationship…it was more like we stopped communicating an started being civil to each other.  A few months back we both ended up at the altar on a Sunday morning at the same time.  I guess God was speaking to both of us about the same thing because at that moment, we turned to each other and hugged with words of reconciliation.  Not caring who was wrong.  Not caring where we had been.  But knowing where we wanted to be and where we wanted our relationship to go.  We loved each other and had both made mistakes and we were willing to forgive each other and move past it to a relationship that God intended for us to have with each other.  She is truly one of my best friends, then and now.  I thank God for her presence in my life everyday.  I pray for her family and for her happiness and relationship with God to only get better and better.  I love you my sister in Christ.

Jen and I’s relationship formed over a period of months.  We met at a time in our lives when we were both starting a journey in our faith that we never knew would lead us to where we are today.  She came along in my life when I was in a place that seemed dark and distant from everyone.  It seemed that God and my husband were the only people I could count on.  I was in a selfish place and wasn’t even sure I wanted anyone to be my friend.  Jen showed me that I not only needed friends, but that without them, I couldn’t truly show the love of Christ to anyone.  While I felt all alone, I was unaware that God was placing her in my life to show me that I wasn’t alone. I love you Jen Jen.  You are a great friend and I feel very blessed to call you my sister.  I to pray for you and yours everyday.  I pray that you continue to grow in your relationship with Christ and that He makes His will in your life clear to you.

As a pastor’s wife, often times we have to deal with always feeling like our husbands put everything before us, and often times they have to do just that.  Everyone gets to go to our husbands for advice and counseling.  Who do we go to?  Who can we talk to about our marriages, families, problems, and fears.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has place these two women in my life to remind me that I do have a support system.  I do have someone to turn to.  A warm body to bounce ideas off of and to ask for help from.

As I think about my friends, I am also reminded that sometimes we can ask God for things over and over and if we never take the time to “Be still and know that He is God”. we may have the answer right in front of us, we just don’t recognize it as the answer.


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