64/365 days of blogging

I got this idea from Rebekah over at Mundane Musings.  Thanks Rebekah!  In doing this 365 days of blogging, I realize it is hard to be creative EVERY day.  LOL

Currently…I am….

Listening … to children playing behind me while I type.

Watching … CSI reruns with hubby (can you really watching the TV without really watching it?)

Reading … The Resolution For Women.  I know I am a little behind but it is a slow process.  I don’t have as much time to read as I would like to.  I love to read!  Maybe on the retreat my hubby and I are going on in April I can get some books finished up.  Next to spending an entire week with him that is what I am looking forward to the most!  Reading!  No phone, no children, just me a comfy couch and a good book…with my hubby curled up beside me snuggling!  🙂  can’t wait!

Eating … THESE fabulous chips!

Drinking … Sunkist Orange.  Is there something else I should be drinking?

Wearing … Sweats!  It is our sabbath!  Comfort is our friend today!

Feeling … Very tired.  I am in dire need of catching up on some sleep.  Took a nap yesterday afternoon between churches and that is something I hadn’t done in months.  I do think it actually made me more tired.  I am inclined to think that if I ever slow down I would be more tired than I actually am.

Weather … Crazy lately!  Supposed to be 50 today and close to 70 tomorrow but windy.  I don’t like the wind.

Wanting … start working on VBS sets.  We are doing a program this year called Babylon Daniel’s Courage in Captivity.  I can’t wait!

Needing … to spend more time with my husband.  Since I moved the daycare home from the church, it seems that we hardly see each other when it is just us.

Thinking … Of everything I have coming up to do in the next month.  I am a list person and as long as I make a list, and am able to check things off the list I feel like I have accomplished something.

Enjoying … a sabbath with my hubby!  Every other monday we actually get to do that alone.  On the off Mondays, such as this one, I do have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old in the room playing but today is a good day for them.  They are fairly quiet, and playing together nicely.

What about you? What are you currently up to?  If you post on your blog, tag back so I can follow you.  Or leave me a comment with your blog address.  I would love to follow.


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