I Am From…..

66/365 days of blogging

I am from young love, childhood sweethearts, who were married at eighteen.

I am from “It’s probably another boy!” followed by overwhelming love.

I am from the coldest month of the year in Missouri; green skies, tornadoes. From humid nights, damp nightgowns, restless sleep.

I am from a mama who thought I was cute, and a Grandfather who taught me to say “I’m cute.”

I am from brown shag carpet, from a two-story white house. From having my own room where bats visited frequently.

I am from Barbie Dolls, Betsy Wetsy, the original Strawberry Shortcake, and dress-up clothes.

I am from devouring The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew at the age of nine, and following it with Great Expectations.

I am from The Go-Go’s and AC/DC LP’s, singing with a brush for a microphone when no one could see me.

I am from ballet, tap, and jazz lessons, and beauty pageants and trophies and classical music.

I am from riding my bike without my hands, and crashing on the curb; from bruised shins, and skinned knees.

I am from growing up in the same house my whole life and loving every minute of it.

I am from soft hugs in Grandpa Milo’s arms. From Grandma soft kisses from Gran Ellen’s lips.

I am from handmade dresses by mom.

I am from sweat interlaced with Grandma’s quilting as I sit beneath the quilt listening to her and her sister talk about the old days.

I am from painful shyness, and lowered eyes; from pulling out of hugs, wondering if I am good enough, and if people will actually like me.

I am from being “the best babysitter ever”, delighting in playing with children not my own, but cherishing them just the same.

I am from enjoying money well spent on a good pair of jeans, and yet still have the desire to buy my clothes second-hand.

I am from leaving home when I am eighteen, and desperately wanting to go home to my mother.

I am from teenage love, too afraid to tell him how I really felt, and secretly dreaming of a life with him.

I am from the deepest love ever imaginable finally hearing whispers of the love I so longed for so many years ago and finally getting it.

But most of all…. I am from a Savior who died on the Cross for me and my sins. Praise God that He is a forgiving God and that one day I am going to heaven.

I am from…where I am going. PRAISE BE TO GOD!


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