Three Years Later

67/365 days of blogging.

Today we went to the dentist for what I had hoped would be the beginning of the end of our visits.  On March 24. of 2009 we started a journey that I didn’t think would take nearly this long.  We had discussed with the dentist that it would probably be around 18 months followed by 2 years of a retainer and then waaaaalllaaaaaa! Beautiful teeth!

Well, ask my daughter how that plan worked for her.  Three years later we are still in braces and until today…there was NO talk about removing them.  Here is my beautiful sweet pea when she got them on.

If you notice all of her teeth on the bottom are not at all straight.  The top ones straightened up with in the first 6 months.  But the bottom….well that was a different story. Finally the last tooth straightened up in the last month and now we are trying to close a gap created by having the tooth beside it pulled.

You see, Sweet Pea is my easy child.  She has been the easiest of all three of my girls.  Not much complaining, not really much defiance on her part at all.  But…everythign she has done has been the LONG HARD route.  When she was 5, her first tooth became loose.  then 4 months later it was still just loose.  So a trip to the dentist to have it pulled became evident.  then one by one over the next 6 years, we had to have lose teeth pulled.  At the end of that process we realized that her permanent teeth were all coming in crooked and that she was going to need braces.

There are 26 teeth in the average human mouth.  Kelsey started with 32 in hers, not including her wisdom teeth.  After her baby teeth all came out, or were pulled out, she had to have 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 on the top pulled to make room for the 26 she is supposed to have.  Then there was the underbite issue.  So to make an overbite…she had to have her wisdom teeth pulled.

So here we are 3 years later and looking at the possibility of getting her braces off in a couple of months.  We will post pics of her beautiful smile when that happens.


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