Why Do I Blog?

71/365 days of blogging

I never thought about it before I started blogging everyday.  When I blogged occasionally I never questioned why I blog.  Since I have started the 365 day challenge I have asked myself that question many times.  Originally when I decided to do this challenge, I had intended to use it for the sole purpose of sharing God’s love and His grace with the world.  Well at least to the 3 people who read my blog.  🙂

But at the same time…writing very intense blogs about my faith is a very hard.  It takes it toll on the human mind to pour your heart out on a daily basis.  Some blogs had taken me hours to type and others just seem to come pouring out and then at the end I was exhausted.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.

So I began to write a routine blog a couple of days a week just to give my mind a break.  On Mondays, I participate in Menu Mondays.  I post a blog that simply tell what meals I have planned for the week.  The last week of the month I begin working on a menu plan for the next month.  I plan a menu for every evening meal and make a grocery list off of the menu and then shop according to the list and only the list.

On Wednesdays I participate in “Wordless Wednesdays.”  I post a picture and write nothing about the picture.  The precept is that the picture needs no words.

So that took up 2 of the 7 days so I only had to exhaust myself into writing 5 blogs a week.  Then I began to look at the posts.  To present date…I have 35 followers on my blog via email or comment followers.  They have all signed up of their own free will.  But I don’t know if they actually read my posts.  I rarely get comments on the posts.  It seems I get 2-3 followers signed up every week, so they must be inviting to someone.  LOL

I guess just like human nature, I just want to know if I am making a difference in someone’s life.  Does anyone actually care what I am writing about, whether it be about my life which pales in comparison to others…or be it about God and my faith in Christ.

regardless of whether anyone reads, comments, or even likes my posts.  I write most of my posts to spread the Word of God.  And to me…that is all that matters in my life.  I am proud to put God first in my life and the more I can tell people the importance of that the better.  Even if just one person reads and it plants a seed for them to come to know Jesus…it makes it all worth it.

If you have stayed this long and let me ramble, thanks.


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