I Dislike Roller Coasters

74/365 days of blogging.

That is not an entirely true statement.  I LOVE roller coasters, at least the ones in theme parks.  I love the anticipation of climbing that first huge hill and the thrill of descending down the other side.

The roller coasters I am talking about are the roller coaster of life.  That is what today has been…



roller coaster.

I woke up feeling refreshed somewhat after catching up on some much-needed sleep i missed when my mother had to make a mad dash to the hospital and ended up in Columbia getting a heart cath less than 12 hours later.  I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in so I must not have moved and it felt so good to sleep till the alarm clock went off.

Then the little ones showed up, I run a daycare in my home and keep a 2 and 3-year-old brother and sister.  They were in a great mood but seemed to be more verbal than other days and were giggling and screaming all day, just plain having fun.

I was on my way upstairs when my cell phone rang.  I thought well I will see who it is when I get back downstairs and then I will call them back.  On my way down the stairs I heard the famous ding of “you have a voice mail” sound.  When I looked at my phone I got excited because of the name that was staring back at me.  It was my daughter’s best friend (my daughter being the one who passed away 20 years ago.)  I listened to the voicemail as I began to cry.  After the initial “Hey Jeannie, this is ******, I wanted to talk to you about some things.  Ummmm I’m getting married and I wanted to tell you about it.  I also wanted to see if Richard could perform the ceremony.”

So I spent the next hour crying and trying to get ahold of my emotions.  You see, my daughters best friend had called me mom when they were little and all these years, she has stayed in touch and always made me a part of milestones in her life.  Her prom…she showed me her dress on her way to the dance.  Her graduation…she invited me and made me a part of it.  So many things in her life she has included me in and each time I counted it an honor to be a part of it.  So for her to include me in THIS milestone, another one that I didn’t get to experience with Micah…really sent my emotions out of control.  I was happy, because of her including me.  I was sad because I have been really missing Micah a lot lately.  I was angry, because it was her and not Micah.  I was overjoyed that I came to the realization that I have been missing Micah more the last couple of months and this was confirmation of what God was preparing me for.

Then I went to an old haunt of mine and Richard’s high school days.  It was the place we went to school when we met.  It was WHERE we met.  I will write about it with pictures tomorrow.

The day ended with Bible study at church and talking about goodness.  Really?  Goodness on a day like today.  I don’t feel very much goodness in my bones today.  Guess that’s why God thought I needed to hear it.  🙂

Have a blessed day!  Tomorrow I think I will try to ride the train ride.  It is smooth and steady.  Yea right!  I see that happening.


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