What Can We Expect From Children During Worship?

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Our pastor at church, (which happens to be my husband), has been doing a bit of revamping of our worship service.  He says changing things up keeps worship fresh and keeps us out of becoming ritualistic.  I do agree with this philosophy, and I love the idea, it really messes with the kids in worship.  It seems when they settle into a routine, things get changed.  They are used to having children’s message in the same place, or singing, or what ever else we have done in a certain order, and with a certain method of doing things.

It seems like we are constantly battling with the kids on keeping quiet, and trying to make them participate in worship.  Now I am a non-believer in children’s church,  I think kids need to be in worship with their parents and learning about God.  We have “children’s bags” that are stocked with things like a coloring book and colors, foam puzzles, a couple of pieces of candy, a book, other random items to keep a child occupied.

So I got to thinking…What should we expect of our children in a worship service setting? I am sure that the standards are a little different for a 1-year-old verses a 10-year-old.

This is what I came up…

Aside from owing the pastor respect because he is a messenger of God, this is what I expect from the kids:

  • to sit quietly during the sermon and prayer time.
  • to stand when asked to do so, especially during the reading of God’s word.
  • to pray during prayer time.
  • don’t get up during service to use the bathroom, get a drink, or just roam the church.
  • to participate in singing
  • to pay attention according to how their age level will allow them.

All in all, I don’t feel that I ask too much of them in a worship setting. I see many kids fidgeting, talking, sleeping, and causing all kinds of commotion in church, some of this is even caused by adults! The service is only an hour and a half; …yet they manages to sit through school for 7 hours a day without doing the same things. And that is 5 days a week.

Church is only on Sundays.

After thinking this over…I realized it wasn’t about what they owed the pastor…but it was about what they owed God. Out of respect for Him, we should all be willing servants and participate in a worship service for Him, and for Him alone.

May God go with you always!


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