Maundy Thursday Thoughts

95/365 days of blogging.

We had Maundy Thursday services night before last and oh what a wonderful service it was.  Last years and for a few years before we had celebrated the last supper at a table set for 13.  The Center chair was set for Jesus, and on each side were 6 chairs representing the 12 disciples.  On the table were several things that they would have had on the table back in biblical times.  Things that are indigenous to the Holy Land.  Fruit of all types, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, candles, vegetables,salt, 30 pieces of silver, and grape juice representing wine.  Here is a photo from last year.

The entire congregation came up for Communion 12 at a time.  All who sat at the table seemed to avoid the chair where historically Judas Iscariot sat.  I found this very interesting.  Richard explained how we are all somewhat of a Judas each and every day when we choose to sin.  Our sins are no different or worse than his.

Crystal Blackwell of Blackwell Photography took the pictures.  Here are a few pics from the table last year.

 It was a very humble experience to take the Lord’s Supper just as the disciples did the night before Jesus was crucified.
This year, we did something completely different.  We had a complete Jewish ceremony complete with all the scripture readings, and ceremony that the Jewish people do every year to celebrate Passover.  We had all the elements of remembrance of a Passover on plates in front of each participant.  In addition to that we served a Seder Meal complete with Jewish recipes of fish, vegetables, salad, Charoset, and dessert.  It was a wonderful time and very moving to read the ceremony of haggadah, that they still recite from memory each year to commemorate Passover.
What a wonderful time of celebration it was and a great time was had by all.  I will post pictures as soon as our resident photographer has them ready!  Take your time Crystal, you do beautiful work and it is well worth the wait!

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