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Just a reminder, hop on over to Seeking His Will.  We are doing an online Bible Study about how to improve your marriage, (or relationship) simply by praying for your spouse.  It is an encouragement study.  Often times when we pray, we pray selfishly asking God to change something about our spouses that we don’t like.  We ask for God to make them understand our point of view.  Or to help them change bad habits.  More to often than not, we pray for THEM to change instead of asking God to mold us and change us into the creations that he intended us to be.

So this study is to teach us to do just that!  Everyday there are specific scriptures to read and a specific prayer to pray for our husbands.  And when you get into the study in depth…it is more about changing how we feel and act ourselves than about them.  The prayers are more for his growth in the Lord.  The scriptures are for us to study and learn how to become a better wife.  You know….that virtuous women thing.  LOL

So join us over at Seeking His Will and learn to encourage your husband while you grow in the Lord and your relationship with the Lord grows stronger.


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