A Much Needed Vacation

105/365 days of blogging.

Richard and I attended a retreat for pastor’s and their wives this week in Southern Missouri.  Although I can’t tell you where it was exactly, or even where the house was that we stayed in, (protecting the privacy of the owners of the house), I will post a few pics of the wonderful relaxation we endured.

The leaders of the retreat were wonderful!  They waited on us hand and foot.  We weren’t even allowed to help clear the table after a meal.  All of our meals were provided and the retreat cost us nothing.  This is something they do for pastor’s and their wives to help them escape the pressures of day-to-day life in the ministries.

The balcony on the 2nd floor was our room.

The back of the house from the street below.

View of the foyer and staircase.

Upstairs walkway from one end of the house to the other.

The view of the living room from the upstairs walkway.

The bedroom end of our room.

The living room end of our room.

The view from our balcony!  Breathtaking!

We even had a movie theater in-house!

It was truly the most amazing week with my husband I have ever had.  I would have to say that the only thing that topped it was our honeymoon at Destin Beach in Florida.  We both had time to relax, reflect, and rejoice in the Lord that we have each other to lean on in times of stress.

We are so thankful to Shor Ministries!  What they do for ministry couples is nothing short of amazing.  Charlie and Suzanne were wonderful hosts and Judy’s cooking and company was wonderful.  Praise God for their willingness to help others out.  Thank you all for a beautiful week.


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