Me Me Me…..Please?

104/365 days of blogging.

That is what my daughter said when I told her I was behind a couple of posts because of being at motels during this vacation that I couldn’t access the Internet, and needed a topic to write about to get them caught up.

So, Kelsey, here you go.  I am going to write this post just for you you you!  LOL

When I was pregnant with Kelsey, I didn’t need the doctor to tell me she was a girl.  I just knew it.  When she was little, up until she was about 4 I was able to treat her just like that.  A little girl.  She wore dresses, watched me put on make up and wanted to know when she would be old enough to put it on.

After the age of 4, she refused to wear dresses, showed no interest in make up and tried to climb every tree she saw.  A true tom boy at it’s best.  I really don’t think I have seen her in a dress since.  LOL.

So I was trying to decide what to write in this post that is obviously about her.  Even without all the frills that I had dreamed about before she was born, she is quite the remarkable child.  I think her dad would agree that she is more than just your typical preachers kid.  She has a love for Jesus that I have not seen in any other teenager.  She is such a blessing in so many people s lives.  Like:

Her dad is truly proud of her and the example she sets for others.  This past Easter, on Maundy Thursday, he washed her feet, just as Jesus washed the disciples feet to show how he truly appreciates her and that he is here to serve others, including his daughter.  He is very proud of her stand she has taken for God and telling others about His saving grace.

She has a second set of parents that love her.  Mike and Crystal are very good friends of ours and Kelsey has adopted them as her #2’s.  She calls Crystal #2 and calls Mike Dad#2.  They have adopted her and try to steal her from us any chance they get!

So this may be hard to tell, but the woman on the left is Jen.  She and her husband Kevin, who I don’t have a pic of, are good friends of ours too that has adopted Kelsey and truly treats her like a niece.  Kelsey calls them Aunt Jen and Uncle Kevin (or Uncle Bully….LOL)  This picture is of Kelsey TRYING to teach Aunt Jen how to ice skate!  Never mind that Kelsey doesn’t know how!

And then of course there is her sister Briana!   I think God gave me some pretty gorgeous girls.  They are so beautiful.  I think finally they are both in a place in their lives that they actually love each other and get along. So happy for them both.

Haileigh is her sort of adopted sister.  Haileigh really looks up to Kelsey as a sister.  And Kelsey is always there for her.  Haileigh is Mike and Crystal’s daughter.

And of course there is her future husband.  LOL  Just kidding.  Alex is the DK, (deacons kid), and we are always teasing the both of them that they are betrothed.  This particular Sunday they both just showed up wearing the same color plaid shirts.  Waaaaaaay  too funny!

There are so many people who Kelsey is precious to but I don’t think anyone loves her and is more proud of her than her dad and I.  She has grown up to be a very remarkable young woman.  I pray every day that she keeps the focus of her life, God and always is Christ centered.

“Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

We love you very much Kelso!

(Are you happy now me?  I wrote a post just for you!)


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