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I read a cute little blog, well actually I am subscribed to it, so when Rebekah posts something and it appears in my inbox, I RUSH saunter over to Mundane Musings and check it out.  She has a way of putting things into perspective, for me at least, and I love her blog. So much so that when I read this post I asked her permission to repost it on my blog so others that may not know her might learn to her blog and wise up have the opportunity to read it also.  🙂

What Does Grace LOOK Like” by Mundane Musings (Rebekah Sanders)

Y’all might have noticed, but I talk about grace a lot. A LOT.

It’s because I believe in it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve given it. I try to walk it. I talk about it, but there are days that I don’t feel like being grace-filled.

Giving grace is NOT easy.

The natural reaction when someone wrongs us or hurts us is to go on the defense. To get even. To destroy them. It’s so much easier to just go on the attack. To let everyone know exactly how that person hurt you. To let them know what they did that was so wrong.

But that’s not good for anyone. Holding back forgiveness only leads to bitterness and hatred. Not forgiving is just letting that person who wronged you live in your head rent-free. It’s not hurting THEM, it’s hurting YOU. When you hold onto past situations, they don’t just hurt you when it originally happens, they hurt you over and over again every time you replay them in your mind.

Say this with me – “What’s done is done. I can’t change it. I have to accept it. I have to forgive and move on.”

Grace forgives the unforgivable. Grace holds our head above water when we feel like we’re drowning. Grace applies a healing balm to our hearts so that the rest of our life isn’t affected.

I have a friend who’s struggling with extending grace. She asked me the other day, “But what does grace LOOK like?”

Sometimes grace fixes a situation completely. Complete and total restoration of a relationship happens.

Sometimes grace means walking away from a relationship. Because grace doesn’t equal trust. Relationships are based on trust and if you’re never going to be able to trust the person again, sometimes you just have to walk away. It is NOT grace to stay in a relationship just so you can keep tabs on someone. It is NOT grace to stay in a relationship with someone you know you’ll never trust again. Sometimes grace let’s people go.

But grace also means being able to accept that YOU had a part in it all. Grace means accepting that if YOU can change, so can the other person. God is a powerful God and He’s in the business of healing hearts. That doesn’t mean just yours.

Grace is not just forgiving, but coming to a place where you can wish the other person WELL in their life. Where you want GOOD things to come onto them. (A grudge on the other hand wants to drop cartoon anvils on their head).

Grace is hard work. It’s not something automatic. It takes concentrated effort. Sometimes it means forgiving again and again until the scales can stay tipped in favor of grace.

I talk about grace because I don’t have it all figure out yet. I talk about grace because there are situations where I still have to remind myself that grace is the way Jesus wants me to talk – even when I don’t feel like it. I talk about grace because I want to walk out grace.

I talk about grace because I hope that people will extend GRACE to me while I’m still learning.


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