My Thoughts On Psalm 40

113/365 days of blogging.

So as I read that Psalm on Tuesday night.  I thought of where I had been in my life and where I have come to.  A song comes to mind that my husband sings by Casting Crowns called “Somewhere In The Middle”.

Somewhere in between who I was and who God is making me….that is where you will find me.  I am not who I was yesterday and I am not yet who God is making me to be.

Waiting for God to help me is something that I am not good at.  I have very little NO patience.  But there are benefits that I see on the rare occasions that I do wait upon Him.

  1. He lifts me out of despair.  After I am actually out of the miry muck and I look back, I realize I couldn’t have done it with out God there holding me up.  Sometimes when we are at our lowest of lows, we ask “God where are you?”  He answers us but we are to self-absorbed to be able to stop wallowing around in the mud to hear His voice.
  2. He sets my feet on a rock.  God gives us a foundation (the Bible) which to set our feet upon.  The problem is we are not in The Word enough for it to make a difference.  I see my husband pour his heart and soul into his work as a pastor.  I NEVER see his desk free of Bibles.  He usually has 4-5 opened at the same time.  He says “I do not read God’s Word nearly as much as I should.”  I look at that statement and it makes me ashamed.  I don’t read it as much as he does and if he feels he doesn’t do it enough…where does that live my pitiful Bible Study?  We have to plant our minds and our feet on God’s word.
  3. He gives me a firm place to stand.  Christ is the ONLY Solid Rock we need to stand firm in the World today.  I know all I need to do is trust in Him.  I fail miserably at this on a daily basis.  I am a worry wart and I worry about everything.  How the bills are going to be paid, how the car will get fixed, about my moms health, about what people think of me, about being able to home school my daughter successfully.  The reality of it is this… our bills are paid, not always on time, but they are paid, the car is still running, my mom is 75 and she still drives herself and she has led a full life and for the most part, happy, it really doesn’t matter what people think of me only what God thinks, and Kelsey is a A and B student and still being homeschooled.  God has taken care of my every need.  And still I don’t trust…….
  4. He has put a new song in my heart.  Sometimes I feel I am still waiting on this part.  My favorite thing in the entire world to do is to sing.  I lead music during our worship and sometimes I get so into singing that I feel like I am standing all alone in the sanctuary singing my heart out for God.  But I think what David is talking about here is that God has given him a new attitude.  I am still working on this one……

Often blessings cannot be received unless we go thorough a trial of waiting.  This is always the hard part for me.  Richard is the one who just walks around without a care in the world trusting that God will just provide all of our needs, after all the Bible does tell us that.  If we choose to try to provide our own needs instead of letting God bring them to us in HIS time, isn’t that the same as calling God a liar?

It’s all about faithfulness.  Are we faithful to God?  I think we think we are.  But when push comes to shove, we tend to ditch him for self.  When we think of faithfulness, a friend or a spouse may come to mind.  People who are faithful to us accept and love us, even when we are unloveable.  Faithful people keep their promises, whether promises of support or promises made in our marriage vows.  God’s faithfulness is like human faithfulness, only perfect.  His love is absolute, and his promises are unbreakable.  He loves us in spite of our constant behavior of sin, and he keeps all the promises he made to us, even when we break our promises to Him.

Through it all…I love my God with every fiber of my being.  I pray to Him everyday to give me strength to stand fast on the Solid Rock of my salvation and help me to grow in Him and trust in Him more and more.  I have vowed to study His word more, to pray more for others, and to continue to grow in Him and not in my own feelings.

Will you make a promise to God today?


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