Guest Blog from Hubby – “This Present Darkness”

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Hey’ya, peeps!

Jeannie was falling a tad bit behind on her blogging, so I decided to fill in with a golden oldey from the Slice of Home, Slice of Life blog (which, sad to say, doesn’t get the love that my wifey’s blog gets with daily writing!)

This post was written about two years ago, when I was still a columnist for our local paper, the Linn County Leader. There was a LOT of fallout over plans that were in progress to hold a town hall meeting to discuss a local business in town that was selling bath salts, BoCoMo Dew (a marijuana-like substance that kids were smoking in town and other items right on the main street of our town.) It was disturbing, to say the least.

And after a long, drawn-out battle that included death threats, a federal ban on the cannabinoid substance, and a huge meeting that included numerous law enforcement officials, city officials, judges, prosecutors, and local and state media, the store went out of business due to a slowdown of sales. Even though all we wanted was for them to change their business practices, they were adamant about keeping our local children in bondage to these drug-like substances. When all was said and done, it really gave some insight into the spiritual warfare that is still going on in our hometown, and the struggles we face every day in reaching the least, the last, and the lost for Jesus.

Enjoy and God bless!

Folks, after the massive fallout over my October column in the Linn County Leader, I have come to realize, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are indeed experiencing a time of spiritual warfare; where the very souls of mankind are being fought over between good and evil. It is an entrenched fight; a battle where no one knows who will turn on them…a fight where even so-called “Christians” turn their backs on their fellow brother or sister.

And yet, I know that this battle MUST go on until the very end; I know that some may fall and that others will be exalted in the world’s eyes….but God WILL prevail when the dust clears. Those who fall will be restored, and those who were puffed up in the world’s eyes will be laid low.

So, please pray, my friends. Pray fervently for the town of Brookfield. We are genuinely living out Frank Peretti’s book, “This Present Darkness” and it is awesome to see…but at the same time, it is also a little frightening. Ever since I gave my life to Jesus Christ I have been preparing for this battle…but never thought that it would come to my own hometown, or that the Lord would place me at the forefront of the battle. Honestly, I do NOT want to be there, but I will do what my Lord commands for HIS honor and glory, and not my own.

And, as the days go on, I can feel the evil forces at work here; a spiritual cloak of darkness that is rapidly descending upon this town and dragging it down into the abyss…and it is time for Christians to unite and take back our beloved Brookfield, no matter what it takes. We need to hit our knees and call on the Host of Heaven to help us fight these dark entities; we need to call upon our fellow Christians as well to help pray as we equip ourselves for a battle that will be difficult, but not impossible. Because we know that with God, ALL things are possible.

This present darkness is here and now. What will you do to be a part of God’s Army?


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