God Still Lives

130/365 days of blogging.

There is no future that is not related to the past.  Just think, God has existed forever and ever.  We do not have minds to comprehend such a thing.  On this earth everything has a beginning and an ending, and so we cannot fathom how God has always been in existence.  He has seen all the progress that man has made and all the mistakes and heartaches.  When we go to Him asking for guidance, we go to the One who knows everything and who has seen everything, therefore He can give us the best advice and counsel of any one in the whole universe.

How can we reflect Christ?

The way to real greatness is through unselfish service to others.  Christ still lives – through us.

There is a church in Europe which has no lamps.  Instead, each villager has his own lamp, which he takes when he goes to church.  If all the members are present, the church is well lighted; but if someone is absent, his corner is very dark.  We do not carry our own lamps to our church services, but our corner is just as dark if we are not faithful and in our place at the time of worship.  Each member is important to the success of worship.   Our absence not only means our corners in church will be dark, but someone else may be tempted to stay away because there is not enough light.

Some people are like geysers.  They are sputtering off all the time; sometimes they boil over in anger with the slightest provocations; others are happiest when they are making a show and doing spectacular things in the church.  There are also the faithful ones.  Maybe they cannot make brilliant speeches, they cannot give large gifts – but they can always be depended upon.  They are always at every service.  Though their gifts may be small, they are regular.  These are the people who keep the church open and the work of the Lord going forward.  If you have no talents, you can at least be at the services.  You can always be among the faithful ones who mean so much to the church.

Christ lives in our gifts.  The story is told of a minister whose eyes swept with intense searching over the faces of his stylish, worldly congregation.  He had made an impassioned appeal for help in the support of a little mission church among the mountains – a section where rough men and women knew scarcely anything of God and of Jesus Christ.  He had hoped to inspire the people with the spirit of giving, but he had failed.

He could not see the bent figure of little crippled Maggie in the rear of the church – a figure which was trembling under the fire of his appeal.  She thought she had nothing to give, but a voice from somewhere reminded her of her crutch.  At first she said, “Oh no, Lord,” then she said, “Yes,” adding, “He gave up more than that for me.”  Blindly she extended the polished crutch and placed it in the hand of the deacon who was taking up the scanty offering.  For a moment the man was puzzled, then, comprehending her meaning, he carried the crutch to the front of the church and laid it on the table in front of the pulpit.  The minister stepped down from the pulpit and held the crutch with shaking hands.  The people moved restlessly in their pews.  After a further plea by the minister for the mission, giving continued until $600.00, and he expressed that she should take back her means of going from place to place.  With a cry of joy, she took her crutch, smiled, and hobbled out of the church.

Christ lives, and we reflect Him in our free choices.  We cannot be strong as individuals or our nation cannot be strong if we continue to make choices that profit only the world.  If we are not sound in conscience, faith, spirit, and truth, and if we are not led by high purposes, then it is impossible to show the love of Christ to others.

God gives us the freedom to choose.  We can put into our bodies, which are the temples of God, whatever materials we choose.   Either we can put into them the purest thoughts, the highest ideals of truth and honesty, or we can fill our minds with trashy stories, falsehoods, and unfair dealings.  When we have finished building our houses, God gives us a deed to them for as long as we live.  We have the choice of whether they will be built on the solid foundation of Christian living, or the sand of bad habits and evil companions.  WE are permitted to live in the kind of a house that we build for ourselves.

There are many followers, so why not try to be a leader?  Each of us has to start where we are, with the talents we have, and take one step at a time until we climb to the top.  It is much harder than riding in an elevator, so to speak, but the top is not reached by lazy pew warmers.   If we dare to allow God to plan our lives, and we adhere to that plan, we will show that God lives in us, and succeed in showing that Godly life to others everyday.


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