Seeking Purity

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I was in the grocery store the other day and while looking for a certain kind of cracker, I heard a man and woman in the next aisle just cussing up a storm at each other.  I thought their voices sounded familiar but just went on about my business.  I rounded the end of the aisle and sure enough there was the couple I thought I recognized the voices of.  We both smiled and exchanged pleasantries, and went our merry way.  All I could think of don’t they know what that does to their Christian witness?  Are they aware that when they speak that way in public and other people hear them, the first thought is “They are a member of so and so church and if that is what a Christian acts like I want no part of it.”

We live in a sensual culture.  The constant advocating from all forms of media that promotes sexual promiscuity has mesmerized people of nearly all ages to adopt an unbiblical standard.  Thinking with a selfish attitude, many people freewheel through life seeking mainly to satisfy their own sexual desires, with no thought to harming others in the process.  An increasing number of individuals have changed their mindset to thinking that this lifestyle is the “new normal.”  Unfortunately this attitude has infected an alarming number of people in our churches.  Far to many churches are not addressing the issues of immorality inside the walls of our sanctuaries.  The problem is that their real understanding  of absolute truth and of right and wrong has eroded to such an extent that they have no basis for making moral judgments of any kids.

While God did create us as sexual beings, and while sexual activity within the God-ordained context of marriage offers intense physical pleasure and strong relational satisfaction, our culture obsesses over the physical pleasure that is inherent to sexual activity while rejecting any boundaries for it.  It gorges itself on sex through provocative images and sensual themes in the entertainment and advertising industries.,  As our culture acts on the false and unbiblical belief that individuals have ultimate authority over their bodies, it unwittingly sets the stage to reap devastating consequences.  The “casualties list” includes people with deep emotional scars, families torn apart, and loving communities that unravel as the number of self-serving individuals among them grows.

What does pure mean?  Websters defines pure as this:  free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter.  A clear understanding of purity on the part of the church and on the part of each Christian in the church serves as an anchor.  A clear understanding of numerous biblical ideals, purity among them, serves as a solid foundation for making decisions and for living life to the fullest for God.

Not only should believers avoid sexual sin, but they also should avoid talking about sex in inappropriate ways, or even thinking about it other than to acknowledge its reality and to address it as Jesus would.  Even in a culture that embraced worshiping a fertility goddess with all the lax moral standards that this involved, Paul demanded that Christians live as followers of Christ who were unreservedly committed to Him.

Society’s obsessive attitude toward sex continues to infect many – even some churchgoers.  “Experts” pronounce judgement against all who disapprove of sexual expressions within any and every so-called committed relationship.  They say we shouldn’t judge – yet they themselves are being judgmental!  Sometimes they even use Bible verses, such as Matthew 7:1, which they clearly take out of context to support their claims. They call for open-mindedness and tolerance but are intolerant of anyone who believes in an objective standard of right and wrong.  Regardless of opposition, we honor God as we uphold His truth in the world.

IN the 5th chapter of Ephesians Paul warns against perverting God’s love through filthiness, which referred to filthy or obscene language in general.  Used only here in the New Testament, foolish talking brings to mind the nonsensical language commonly associated with one who is drunk.  Jesting which denoted telling coarse jokes – captured the essence of someone who twisted every word or circumstance to attach a sexual innuendo to it.

Obscenity and coarse joking penetrate almost every area of our lives – the workplace, schools, movies, and television.  Vulgar language even invades our minds through text messages and social media.  So common to us, these verbal intrusions often go unnoticed.  in attempts to camouflage their Christian identity, some believers may even spout off profanities to sound like the people who they are hanging out with.  Some not only discuss but also laugh and joke without hesitation about almost every form of sexual perversion.  Yet coarse, obscene, vulgar language has no place in a believer’s conversation because it does not reflect the love of God.  Here is the bottom line.  don’t be like a chameleon, a lizard whose color and appearance changed so it can hide in its environment!  Christians should never blend in with the world.

Biblical truths about living a pure life:

  • An authentic Christian lifestyle does not allow for sexual immorality, impurity, or crude talk of any kind.
  • We honor Christ as we lead others to understand the high standard to which God has called us to live
  • Coarse, obscene, and vulgar language has no place in a Christian’s life – it does not reflect God’s presence in us.
  • We can protect our witness by refusing to embrace the culture of darkness or engage in its evil practices.
  • Without giving careful attention and focus to the things of God, we might wander into satan’s traps and miss important opportunities.



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