A Godly Marriage

134/365 days of blogging.

The last few weeks have been very stressful for me.  I know I know, I am supposed to give all my worries to God and let Him handle them.  As I sat in the sanctuary today praying and crying… my devoted husband sat beside me holding me, and praying for me.

I am so very blessed to have Richard as my husband.  I wish I had realized what a gift God had given me 33 years ago when we met in high school.  I was such a shy little girl to afraid to tell him how I really felt.  Makes me wonder how many years of pain and heartache would have never have happened had I listened back then.

So I got to thinking…exactly what does God want from a husband and wife in a marriage.  And I don’t mean all the things we learn about being the spiritual leader or being submissive.  What does God really want from us?

God wants a marriage to be about placing Him first and foremost as the centerpiece of a loving relationship that is nurtured through Him and by Him.  But the world gets in the way and offers temporary things that take our focus off of God.  It is there that we are destined to fail, not only in our marriages, but in life. Because without God, do we really have anything? We try to fill the void in our heart with stuff like drugs, alcohol and everything else that gives us pleasure in the world, but in the end, our hearts are still left void.  It is because we do not have Jesus present in our lives and hearts to heal that void and make us complete in Him.

The only way that a marriage can survive this cruel world is to remain focused on God.  When we put God first in our lives individually, then God becomes the center of our marriages and that trickles down to our families and they become and remain Christ centered.  I put God first in my life, Richard second, my daughter third, my family fourth, friends, others, and then there is me who comes way down the line.

So, as I sat there today praying, I was very humbled to experience my husband taking my burdens upon his heart trying to make me feel better.  This is not the first time he has prayed intercessory prayers for me and I am sure it will not be the last.  I have never felt closer to him than I did today.  It was almost like a literal “coming alive” of the scriptures in Corinthians when it says “the two shall become one.”

I love you my darling husband and I thank god everyday for your presence in my life.  I pray that we always keep God the center of our marriage and truly put Him first in everything we do.  ILY


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