God’s Words of Comfort

137/365 days of blogging.

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet; and a light to my path.

In times of tribulation and distress in our lives, we tend to rely on ourselves to make it through those bad times; and when we fall on our faces and wonder what went wrong, God is patiently there waiting for us to acknowledge Him, and give those troubles to Him. And, as always, He gives us comfort and strength.

As scripture also tells us in several instances in both the Old and New Testaments, God is a refuge and stronghold in times of trouble; He alone is there when the storms of life assail us and threaten to drown us in grief and sorrow and self-pity…He alone hears us cry out in the vast wilderness that we create in our minds and lives when we wander away from His love and guidance…He alone is the One who speaks gentle and reassuring words to our hearts when we become still and quiet in the darkness of night.

Only God can do that for us. Not the world, not our spouses, and not our family or friends. When we draw away from our Lord, He loves us enough to let us go through those testing times because He knows that sometimes, that is the only way we will learn the lesson. We can be hard-headed and stubborn; and yet, through His unending and enduring patience for us, God brings us through those lessons with His Grace and Mercy, and we are changed for the better.

Sure, it’s a lifelong process to change from our old habits and wordly selves. God knows that. But He also knows that at the end of our lives, we will all be His Masterpieces.


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