What This World Needs

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Guest Blog by Slice of  Home.  Originally posted on October 7th, 2008.

What this world needs

You know, time sure does fly anymore.

I can remember when I was first asked to write a monthly column for the Linn County Leader back in February of 2005; I felt humbled and privileged to be able to share my life with you, the loyal reader, as I mused about the past and present, and perhaps get a look ahead at where life would take me into the 21st century.

And, my, what a ride it has been for 45 months! (for those keeping score, that is almost, but not quite, four years of ramblings). I never thought that I would have that much to say, but I am thankful that God continues to pour out His blessings as this servant writes..and writes…and writes. As I tell the congregations that I serve at as pastor, “You would think that after a while this loudmouth would run out of things to say!”

The past few months of this column have been all about the fantastic journey my family and I went on, through numerous states and back via Route 66. An amazing trip that came to an end too soon; yet a pretty eye-opening experience to the forgotten places of our past. Plus, to reconnect with my wife and kids and to take a few weeks away from the ministry to recharge and regroup was very encouraging.

So now, back from our trip; and after a five-day revival area revival; and after our churches annual business meetings (which will happen on Sunday, right before this column is published), I am back, more renewed and hopeful for our congregations but at the same time troubled with our nation and the perilous path we find ourselves on: with a presidential race coming up quickly, the time is ripe for a change for the better…spiritually, that is. We must either turn back to our calling as one nation founded under God, or we risk veering off-course completely towards a future of “Sodom and Gomorrah” mentality.

You might recall that the first book of the Bible talks about what happened to those haughty and proud inhabitants of these two “Cities of the Plains”; because of their wickedness and sexual immorality they were completely destroyed by brimstone and fire from heaven. And this devastation came about only after Abraham had pleaded with God to spare them, over and over again. Yet, to no avail, because only one righteous man could be found there.

This factual account reminds me of the crumbling state of our nation today; we, too, are giving in more and more to evil deeds and thoughts, trying to please our own selves with whatever we can find; and in the meantime, the United States is spiraling downward into a congealed mess of boundaries crossed, promises unkept, and spiritual, ethical, and moral compromises made for the sake of “just getting along with each other.”

Folks, we can learn to get along with each other without the need to skew us past the point of no return; we should remember that this nation still has a Creator who was (and still is) the foundation of our government and justice system. We need to turn to Him instead of what the world says; we need to trust in the Lord instead of ourselves or another two-bit politician peddling lies. In short, what this world needs are people who will stand upon the Truth and not be swayed by“feel-good” stories or promises that no one can deliver.

Some might say that I sound mad, or discouraged, or even bitter. No, my friends. It is the exact opposite. This servant has a heavy burden that he carries continually…I am saddened for this nation, and this world, that we live in today. We need a Savior; one who will rescue those who are lost; a Spirit to guide us in these tumultuous times, instead of the three-ring circus our government has become; most of all, we need a Father who will love us gently back into the fold from where we have so foolishly strayed.

Remember…it’s our choice to lead responsibly; or be led carelessly.

Blessings to you and yours!

I love the way her writes.  I love listening to him preach.  I love spending time.  I love everything about him.  I love him, hopelessly, helplessly, and completely devoted to Him and standing by his side as he ministers to God’s people. 


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