Where Have I been?

141/365 days of blogging.

So….I know I am way behind on posts.  I have come to the conclusion that I will eventually get caught up.  My hubby is putting some guest blog posts up for me.  I have read several blog posts I would like to use for guest posts (I have so many I read daily) but I haven’t found the time to ask the bloggers if I can use their posts.

So why have I gotten behind?

Well I can’t remember when I got more than 6 hours of sleep in any night.  It is usually more like 4 hours.  This last week shaped up like this:

  • Monday – We weeded the garden until noon and then headed to the church to begin working on Vacation Bible School.  Got home around 9:00 that night.
  • Tuesday – Cooked for Open Door Ministries (a program that the church we serve has started where we feed the homeless and anyone else who needs a meal on Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2)  Afterwards, we continued to work on VBS sets.
  • Wednesday – worked on VBS all day and then cooked for Wednesday night Bible study.
  • Thursday – worked on VBS sets all day.  Got home around 8:00 pm and finally got some relaxing time with my hubby.
  • Friday – Baked ALL day for the bake sale to benefit our youth going to camp.  Then cooked soup and made sandwiches for our Food Faith and Film we have every other Friday night to benefit Missions.  (We show a movie and have a dinner.)
  • Saturday – Held a bake sale this morning from 9-12, then helped the kids with a car wash till around 3.   Then my mommy took us out to eat for supper.  It was a glorious day in the Lord!  Now I am sitting here watching the Hatfield and McCoys with the hubby and relaxing before we go to bed and get up in the morning and have church services tomorrow.  Then tomorrow afternoon will be spent putting the finishing touches on VBS and ending the day with our Sunday night worship!

So this is an example of one week that has mirrored the last few in our lives.  It was refreshing this morning to get up and see a comment on my FB page by a friend in an online doll club I belong to.

Here is my status:

Lots to do today! Hopefully FedEx left a package with our backdrops in it at the church this morning, so those will need to go up. Also baking for the bake sale tomorrow at Wal-Mart. If you would like to contribute baked goods or ingredients to make baked goods for a fundraiser to benefit our youth to go to Grand Oaks camp the end of June, you can drop them off at CSBC anytime today. Then tonight our Food Faith and Film featuring soup and sandwiches for dinner and then watching The Chronicles of Narnia! Can’t wait! A fun-filled and Spirit filled day! WoooHooo!   OH yes and don’t forget about the VBS meeting at 5:00 pm! Our last meeting before the little munchkins come foraging in on Monday evening. Get ready people! God is sending us the fields. Lets work together to harvest them.

And the reply that made me smile….

Sue Speek:   What a blessing.. first thing i see when I look at my FB, is plans in the works to serve our Lord!! Love it!! Thank you Jeannie and company.. for not only talking the Talk, but walking the Walk!! ♥

People often ask me “How in the world do you find the energy and time to get all you have to do, done.”  The only reply I have is this…”I don’t HAVE to do anything…I GET to do all I can accomplish for my Lord.  Not only does He command it…It pleases Him.”

I am not perfect, nor do I do everything in my power the way the Lord asks me to.  But what I try to do is, do everything that is pleasing to the Lord.  Do I fall short of this task?  Absolutely!  I fall WAY short.

I count it a joy to work my butt off for the Lord!  I don’t know where I get the extra hours to sleep or get everything done that the Lord asks of me.  I can only say that it is a humble privilege to be appointed to the task He has given me.

Eventually I will get caught up in my blogging.  Next week starts VBS that runs for 5 days with our program on Sunday during our regular worship service.  Then two weeks and camp starts with the teens going the last week if June and then children’s camp starting that friday and going until the 3rd of June.  Then we have two weeks and our School Supply Drive kick off with a community wide drop off day.  Three weeks later our School Supply Drive distribution night.  Somewhere in the middle of all that we have a couple of weddings too.

Whew!  I am tired just typing all of that.  I love working for the Lord!  It is the most tiring and yet exhilarating thing I have ever experienced.

Praying that you all have a blessed day in our Lord.


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