Reader Appreciation Award

143/days of blogging.

Reader Appreciation Award!

Thank you to alwayzhis for nominating me for this award!  I am not sure who reads who’s blog more, me reading hers or her reading mine.  I count it a privilege to be able to read uplifting words every time I get an email in my inbox telling me that she put up a new post.  I am honored that she does the same for me.

As it is for all awards, there are rules.  I am suppose to be telling you something I’ve been doing lately.  This week starts our Vacation Bible School program at the church we serve.  The lack of posts on my 365 day blog challenge has been present mostly because of preparations for VBS.  Yes I know…it is an excuse, but nonetheless…it is a good one.  LOL  Anyway tonight was our first night.  It was an awesome time had by all and the kids loved talking to Daniel.  Daniels Courage in Captivity is what we are doing.  I will try to write a blog post on it later this week.  Between that and the new ministry, “Open Door Ministries” that we have started which is feeding the needy people of our community, I am barely finding time to sleep at night much less breath.  I count it all a joy, however, because everything I do, I do unto the Lord and for His glory.

I am supposed to nominate 6 people for this award… I have 4…so here goes.

  1. Slice of Home  (I have to nominate my darling husband because he is my biggest fan!)
  2. Faithful Homestead (because I she inspires me as a mother, and homemaker)
  3. Biblical Homemaking (Totally inspires me when I read her posts)
  4. The Peaceful Wife (Makes me look at myself and where I need to be as a wife and mother)

Have a great day and a blessed one in our Lord!


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