Letter to God (by Micah)

154/365 Days of blogging.

I sat down at my desk to work this morning and decided to read some of God’s word first.  I opened my Bible and it just fell open, as it does so often, to Psalm 116.  If you want to know why this psalm has so much meaning to me you can go HERE to find out why.

So in this particular page of my bible I have an index card that has what would appear to be a bunch of scribbles on it.  My daughter Micah gave it to me one day in church before she died.  When I inquired as to what it said….she replied “it is my letter to God.”  So I wrote on the back of it “Micah’s letter to God”.  I also have a lock of her hair.  I don’t know why I keep these things.  They are just material things but obviously they mean something to me.

My mother would say that it opens that often to those pages because of there being something in the spine that causes it to open there.  I tend to think that God opens my Bible to those pages when I sit down to study to remind me of where I have come from.  So today, as I read Psalm 116, I decided to show you her letter.

I asked her  few weeks later what it said.  She replied…”I guess you will have to wait till you get to heaven and then you will just know”.  She was a very special child.  Not because she was mine…but because God put her on this earth to fulfill a purpose and believe me she did when she was here.


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