I am still alive….I promise!

157/365 Days of blogging

I promise you I am still alive.  And no horrendous tragedies have occurred in my life.  Just been VERY busy.

I returned home from Church camp on Tuesday, after 10 days of cooking for about 300 kids and staff.  It was an awesome time spent with the Lord and I got the best of all three worlds that I am at home in.

  • I love serving the Lord
  • I love to cook
  • and I love children

So it was like a little mini vacation for me.  I did however end up sick with bronchitis by the end of the 10 days so I am now recouping from that.  Amazing what a steroid shot and some antibiotics will do for you!

Anyway, I promise I will get back to writing in the next few days and I WILL get caught up on my blogs.

Love you all and thanks for your patience!



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