I Love You…You Love Me…We’re A Happy Family…….

181/365 days of blogging.

I have written on this blog many many times about friends that have come and gone in my life.  Up until about a 2 years ago…I would consider myself having only 1 true friend.  We were separated by over 450 miles…we talked everyday via computer or phone.  We shared a common bond, and that was the loss of a child.  Mine to cancer, hers to SIDS.  We met in a support group chat room on Yahoo back in 1999.  We met in person after about 2 years of talking, sending each others kids b-day presents, and many many sleepless nights talking about our girls waiting on us in Heaven.

We lost touch after both of us moving and having other children.  We always kept each others phone numbers though and knew that if we needed each other we would be there in a heart beat.  Then in 2004, I got a single message on ICQ (there’s a blast from the past) from her account that said “This is Randy, Cindy’s husband.  Call me as soon as you can.”  Of course I called immediately and Randy informed me that she had died in her sleep the night before from a brain aneurysm.”  I was in shock and missed her more than I could say.  I was ashamed that I hadn’t kept in touch with her more often over those last couple of years.

I have made many amazing friends over the years, friends who have made an impact on my life.  I will not name names but those who read my posts who are my friends…will  know who I am talking about.

So fast forward a few years and God has sent me so many amazing friends:

A friend who always had my back as a young innocent girl whom adored me more than I could have ever known.  A friend who I would lose touch with for over 20 years.  A friend whom when through their own private hell for all that time as I was going through mine.  In 2003 when I was reacquainted with this friend I knew that God had intended us to be more than just friends.  in 2004 I married my best friend.  My best friend from high school.  My best friend whom I had loved my whole life.  I just didn’t have the guts to tell him that all those years ago.  Richard I love you babe.  You are and always will be my best friend, and I thank God for you in my life everyday.

I have a friend who would do anything for me.  She would stand behind me no matter what the cause as long as it was God led.  When I am down, she cheers me up.  When I need her she always has my back.  She never tells me no.  She is always loyal to me without regard to herself.  I am very blessed to have her in my life.  She is my friend.

I have a friend who makes a point to get hugs from me everyday.  “Your hugs make me feel better” she says.  The truth be known…HER hugs make me feel better.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and very honored to call her family.  She always tells me she needs all the encouragement she can get.  I encourage her and secretly inside I think to myself that by giving her encouragement, I am actually encouraged.  She listens  when I need her and gives advice only when solicited.  She is my friend.

And then there is THIS friend.  Our relationship started with HER needing me.  And it has transformed into ME  needing her.  I do not know where I would be without her in my life.  She is faithful, loyal, and always available.  She has more than two (or three) children of her own but never ceases to drop what she is doing to help me if I need her.  Where she fits time into her life to help me out I am not sure but she is always available.  I have had the opportunity in the last week to give back to her a little of what she has blessed my life with.  I am grateful and at the same time blessed.  She is my friend.

I have a new friend who is an old friend.  I met her about 8 years ago.  And then we spent some time apart, attending different churches.  Recent events in her life have prompted her to start attending a church that accepts her for who she is and not what she is expected to be.  We have done that at the church that my husband and I serve.  She is struggling with things in her life and I want her to know that I pray for her everyday.  She is my friend.

I have a friend who allows me to be a part of her children’s lives everyday.  I love them as my own children.  She will be moving soon…and I promised her I would not lose touch with her as I have so many times in my life after a move.  I will keep her in my prayers everyday.

I could go on and on about the friends that God has sent me in the last few years.  The funny thing is that I have spent most of my adult life praying to God for just 1 friend that I could trust and rely on.  Just 1 God…that is what I would say.  The amazing thing is that He has sent me so many that I can’t even count them on both of my hands.  He sent me a whole church full of friends…that I would rather call my family.  They ARE my family.

The truly amazing thing, though, is this;  My best friend is someone I can rely on in my times of need.  When I am discouraged, this friend is there to pick me up and dust me off and set me on my way again.  When I am sad, this friend wraps their arms around me and comforts me.  When I am hurt, this friend shows me a better way and that their way is the ONLY way.  My best friend…..is Jesus.  I hold Him very close and very dear to my heart.  I would not be where I am today if it were not for His forgiveness and grace that He extends to me everyday.  I am not a perfect friend…but He makes me want to strive to do better.

Thank God for friends.  Without them…where would any of us be.  Friends come and go…but Jesus is forever!


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