MOMumental – Book Review and Giveaway!

182/365 days of blogging.

I received a book a couple of months ago titled “MOMumental”  The subtitle, Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family, caught my attention, and when I was offered a copy to read plus a copy to give away on my blog, I jumped at the chance. Then my life got busy…..I mean REAL busy.  So I am just getting around to getting the review written.

Now for the giveaway!  All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this post with a funny “mom” story.  Thats it!  On Friday evening of this week I will draw a name of those who have entered and inform them via email that they have won.  I will also post the winner on my blog.

Now for the review:

Jennifer Grant is an extraordinary writer who gives moms a chance to sit down take some deep breaths and continue to be the moms that we are.  We live in a culture that puts tons of pressure on a mothers “profession” and thinks that we have to do everything perfect.  She is truly a mother who started her quest into motherhood with great expectations of what she wanted her life to be as a mom living in a glass house with the perfect children, modeling what she thought she saw in others.

She is an honest writer who makes you laugh as you are reading because you see so much of her in yourself.  She reiterates the fact that we are hard on ourselves as mothers.   I have tons of little stories on what makes me a bad mom.   I am not a perfect mom, nor will I ever be.  But Jennifer makes you feel like it is ok NOT to be a perfect mom.  We just need to be the best mom we can be.

Remember all you have to do is comment on this post with a bad mom story and you will be entered into the give away.


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