New Year – Being Renewed

Well I opted out of doing a New Year post.  I figured that I totally failed at the 365 day post thing so I would just skip the New Year resolution post.

I am going to try to post more this year…it is on my list of things to accomplish for 2013.  Also on my list of things to do in 2013 was to take a much needed rest and vacation with my husband.  A time to recharge and restore so we can continue to serve God to the fullest.  Burnout is a crazy thing.  The more you do for the Lord, the more you want to do and the more you want to do the more you do….and that leads to burnout.

To keep from being burnt out, we decided to start the year off with a vacation to our favorite vacation spot, Destin Beach, Florida.

Here are a few pictures of our trip so far.







When we got to Destin…we planned on checking into the hotel (The Radison I believe it was called) and when we turned down the street, much to our disbelief….It was gone!  We found out later that hurricane Ivan took it out just 5 short months after we had been there in 2004.  We sat there for a little bit looking at the beautiful park they had built in it’s place.  I cried a bit and then decided it was getting dark so we needed to find a hotel.  We called the Comfort Inn in Destin and the price was right however we were having trouble finding it.  Thy guy we talked to gave us bad directions so when we finally did arrive almost 40 minutes later, he was very apologetic.  His supervisor was on duty and they both felt so bad that they upgraded the “normal room” to the suite with a wrap around balcony.  Yep!  dried my eyes up pretty quick.  Here are some pictures.  The ocean is visible in the distance, but that is ok….don’t think we can afford “on the beach”, so this one about 1/4 mile away is just fine with us.




We prayed to God for a safe relaxing time to recharge and renew in Him.  What he has given us is so much more!

I will post more pictures as the days go on.  YES!!!  We have 3 more days of this!  Then it is off to visit more family and friends on the way home.


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