Yearly Blogging…..Again….:)

Ok well I have been challenged again to do some daily blogging.  I kinda took the attitude of well I failed at it last year so why bother this year.  Then the question was posed to me …… what if we approached being a Follower of Jesus in the same manner?  What if when we failed we just gave up?  So I decided to try again.  I realize I am already behind so I am going to use some guests blogs to catch up and then start fresh.  At least for the next 8 days I can blog about our FABULOUS vacation!  It has been awesome and today was no different.

Even though the wind was even stronger today than yesterday, the beach was beautiful and we were able to pick up lots of seashells.  Here are some pics of our day…


The waves were 4-6 feet high today.  It was beautiful to see and to hear.  Even though the wind was blowing, I could have spent all day on the beach just listening to and watching the majesty of the King!


Richard looks a little IN his element huh?  He loves the beach.


Red flag means high risk.  No swimming because of rip tides.  Not sure I would swim if it wasn’t a red flag.  Water is about 60 degrees right now.  Warm enough for getting your feet wet but not warm enough to freeze my whole body!

IMG_0146 IMG_0148

We at at the Hard Rock Cafe and had a wonderful meal at lunch.  They served so much food that we ended up bringing leftovers back to the hotel to eat for supper.


We found this little place called Destin Commons.  It was purely by accident.  We went to see a movie and found the Hard Rock Cafe and this quaint little shopping village.  Had lots of fun there.


And of course more time on the beach!


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