My First Successful Pinterest Project!

5/365 days of blogging.

I was going to post on our vacation this morning.  We are finally home and as good as it was to get away and take a vacation…it is good to be home.  It was good to be in our home church and worship with our church family that means so much to us.  We were however blessed to have worshiped with Richard and Cheryl Johnson in Alma, GA.  Richard was my husbands mentor when he started in the ministry and he hasn’t seen him in almost 20 years.  I will blog more on this journey in the next few days.  There is so much to tell.

Today I wanted to show you my first Pinterest project!  I found this craft table one day while surfing through boards.

craft Table

Now I will tell you that I have tried a few pinterest projects and let me just say that they don’t always turn out like the pictures do.  LOL  Take for instance my chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels.  THAT was not a great turn out!  But this project was quite fun to do and now in my family room I have a table I can work on crafts on, make cards, or even grade papers on!  Would do for a great work table for students too.  Complete with a place to store books and homework.  Here is my finished project…it is black however, black went better with my decor and white would always look dirty.  I even glued and shellacked a measuring tape on the top for cutting fabric.





So there you have it!  Project complete.  I think successfully……what do you think?


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