Battling In God’s Army

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When is the last time you served in God’s Army?  When is the last time you adorned the Armor of God and went into battle for Christ?  Have you defended your faith lately?  Have you stood up for your right to worship God?

If we are calling ourselves Follower’s of Christ we should have had an answer to those questions that resembled something like “a few minutes ago” or at the very least “yesterday.”

We are at war people!  In a battle we are going to have to have soldiers who are willing to stand and be counted on. We’re living in a day when there are just too many soldiers who are AWOL (absent without leave). There are also many who are pretending to be in the Lord’s army who haven’t even enlisted.

What does it take to qualify as a soldier for Jesus Christ?

I didn’t know how real the devil was, even after I was saved, until I started walking with Jesus about 10 years ago.  I had no idea what sin I had been bound in until I walked away from the world and started serving Jesus.  THAT is when I found out that satan was as real as could be.

Salvation is not anything that we can just lie down at or take for granted. The Word of God lets us know we need to be soldiers and do our part and make sure that we are GOOD soldiers for Christ. In order to be a good soldier for Christ, God’s Word teaches us that there are qualifications that every one who is in God’s army must have.

Those who fight for the devil fight WITHOUT a cause, but children of God have a cause to fight for. What is the cause;  their very soul, their children’s souls, and the lost who are around them.

People make being a soldier for Christ seem so easy.  Many say “Well all you need to do is go to church” or “As long as you go on the important days like Easter and Christmas.”  It takes more than just going to church to be a part of the family of God.  Not everyone who says they are a part of the “family of God” is actually a part of it.  We have to make an attempt at righteous living.  Many people proclaim a lot of things, lifting up their cause at one time or another.  But you don’t eve hear people say “I live righteously.”

Psalm 4:3 says this:  But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly;  The Lord will hear when I call to Him.”  The godly are those who are faithful and devoted to God.  We can be confident that when we call upon Him, He will hear our prayers and answer them. We are not attempting to live a righteous life, by our own guilt we feel inadequate to God’s help.  God wants us to know that he doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.  It is those who claim righteous living and say they are fighting the good fight that slowly become AWOL.  When we choose to live in the world instead of following God, we are not a part of His army.

In the book of Matthew, the 28th chapter, verse 19 Jesus gives us a commandment.  It wasn’t a suggestion or even “if you feel like it” comment.  He tells us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;”

We can give God all the lip service that we want to and maybe others will believe that we are living a righteous life, and think we are holy.  But truth is when we are walking with God and holding satan’s hand….that is not righteous living.

Do we qualify?  Or are we pretending to be in the army?  Are you AWOL today?  Or are you ready to put on the Armor of God and go into battle.

This world is full of battles that we will certainly win some of and lose some of.  However as born again believers in Christ, we have the victory of knowing that Jesus has already won the war.  We know the outcome.  We know that Heaven waits for us.  Our battle is letting others know that Heaven waits for them too.  It is our Job to lead others to Christ.  If God’s plan were for Jesus to do it then he would have never taken Him into Heaven to sit at His right hand awaiting His signal to return for us.

Folks, I believe that the return of the Son is closer than we think.  God has already instituted the draft.  He has already showed us the way;  Given us a dotted line to sign;  Given us the physical;  and certainly prepared us for battle.  Let’s put on our Armor of God and go into battle for His kingdom.

Are you ready for battle?


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