Hello! I promise I’m still alive!

So with the new year approaching, I thought I would try to get back to writing.  I miss writing in my blog but with the church, my new business, (Crations4HIM), and a semi-full time job…doesn’t leave me much spare time.

There are some very new exciting things happening for the Davis family this year…..some of which I will be talking about in a future post, and some of which I can’t reveal just yet!  At any rate I am hoping to write on a semi-routine basis after the first of the year.

Now the question at hand for all of the 2 or 3 people who still visit here to see IF I have posted anything new……What would you like to read about?  And before you answer that question you should know that most of my posts will either be about my family or about my faith.

So I will be eagerly patiently waiting for you comments.

Write to you soon I promise!



2 thoughts on “Hello! I promise I’m still alive!

  1. Funny! I just wrote my first post in about 6 months, hoping to get back at it myself. Faith and family are the two most important topics, so I am eagerly waiting for you to write. Happy New Year!

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