Living As A Biblical Woman In An Un-Biblical World

Is that even possible?

As you can probably tell I have taken a very long hiatus from blogging.  I have hoped upon hopes to get back to it….its just that every time I sit down to write I always have some what of a writers block.  I always have work to do, lists to make, house to clean, errands to run…or the thing I blame it on the most…actual…out of the home…work.  Yes for the last year an a half I have worked outside the home at a local grocery store where I started as a cashier for the extra income and then evolved to a promotion of closing night manager and then now been moved and promoted to deli manager.  Most days I love my job.  But there are a few days that I literally miss being able to stay at home with Kelsey, (who now has a job and is working her way up the ladder at Wal-Mart) and be able to minister to women through mentoring, my blog, Facebook along with other means of communication.  So all of these things have kept me from what I really love to do and that is bringing the love of Christ to those who are in desperate need of it. (which I think at some time or another all fall into that category but you get what I mean)

So how do we live in this VERY un-biblical world as a Biblical woman?

I may not be able to tell others what they need to accomplish this, but I can tell you what works for me and hopefully you can apply some of principals I write about here and it will help you figure out a routine for you to become the Biblical woman that Solomon speaks of in Song of Solomon, or that Proverbs teaches about.

The first thing that is essential to living in this sinful world is to make sure you have a relationship with Jesus first and foremost.  If you are not sure what I mean by this feel free to email me and we can get into an in depth discussion about what it means to truly walk with Jesus.  Or you can read about it here.

In several places in the gospels during Jesus ministry it talks about Jesus retreating to the wilderness or mountains to be along and pray.  Even in the midst of healing and teaching He found he had to take time to be alone with His Father.  Even the night He was arrested in the garden, He went alone to the garden and prayed about his very death.  He knew that He knew He needed a personal relationship with His Father.  Quite frankly I don’t know how people go about there day and get through it without God in their lives.  My husband, being a preacher, says simply “They don’t.”  And I guess they really don’t.  They just merely exist on a plane that they know nothing else but sin.

For me this is a very important aspect of my daily routine.  I have found that in the last year and a half…and I am being completely honest and raw here…I have not read my Bible, prayed, communed with God the way I should.  I only pick up my Bible when I need to look something up, or as a witnessing tool.  I am ashamed to say that my walk with Jesus has suffered because of this very thing.  I have spent the last year making excuses for my lack of time spent with God.  And that is exactly what it is….excuses.  If you are not spending time with God in prayer daily or in His word daily, your walk will falter too.  Like me, you will not see it at first, but eventually you will wake up a year later and realize, what has happened to me.  Where is God?  Why did He leave me here all alone for the past year?  When in reality, it is us who has left Him.  He is waiting at the fork in the road that we left him at….just waiting for us to return to His plan for our lives.  Trust me when I say that this “alone time with God” is imperative to you walk with Jesus.  Hey if Jesus made it a practice of His daily life, then I want to follow His lead.

God longs to spend quiet time with us.  Some times when I come home from work all I want to do is vegetate on the couch and watch a movie or just play on my computer.  I think back on the times I used to spend with God and I miss it on a level that screams for attention in my life once again.

Lent is upon us.  And no I am not catholic…but I do observe lent, that is the forty days before Easter.  Each year, for those forty days I give up something that means something to me that shows reverence to God.  It is supposed to be something that means more to us than anything else.  Something that says “I love you more than ______ God.”  This year as many years that preceded this one, I decided to give up soda.  And this year, as many years that preceded this one, I have failed at this attempt.  I am not sure why I try something so hard and end up disappointing God and myself in such an epic way.  I just can’t do it.  I have come to that realization this year.

So this year I have decided to devote a large portion of my day whether it be at work or home, to God.  Simple as that.  I am going to get back to where I was before life got in the way.  I am sorrowful that it has taken me this long to realize this.  I need to renew my spirit in Him.  I need to be refreshed in my walk.  I have driven on that 6 lane super highway that leads to sin and destruction for to long.  I broke down last night a told God I had nothing left.  I felt totally drained.  There was nothing left to give to Him.  Every time I tried to do FOR God, the enemy stepped in and said you are to tired, just relax, God will wait.  This morning as I was cooking breakfast, God spoke to me and said “I know you are tired my child but if you will just give me the time and energy that it takes to love me and worship me, I will see that you have the energy to do what you need to do to get through the day.”   This was epic for me.  I had relied on my self for so long that I forgot exactly how God was there for me in the past and how I left him sitting back at the intersection of where His plan for my life continued.

When you are tired, you can find your rest in him.  Do what ever it takes o steal a few moments alone with God.  Pray often.  Even one lie prayers are music to God’s ears.  Take care not to pray for selfish reasons.  Pray in a way that asks something for you….like instead of praying “Dear God make these kids behave”, pray “Father I am out of energy today please help me to deal with the kids misbehaving.”  Trust me it is a much more effective way to pray.

God only wants us to be active in a relationship with Him.  He made us to worship Him and for His companionship and pleasure.  It is only when we are actively participating in that relationship will we feel truly blessed.

How do we live in today’s world as a Biblical woman?  Immerse yourself with His love, grace, and salvation.  He actively seeks your companionship… why not seek His?


2 thoughts on “Living As A Biblical Woman In An Un-Biblical World

    • A little short story….When my husband and I got married, we had some issues from past relationships that had not been addressed. All we knew about communication was to argue. I used to pray to God to change him and make him understand me and make him less argumentative and him, him, him, and so on. It was only when I started praying for God to change me and how I reacted to my husband that things improved. Once I started working on me and not focusing on my husbands issues….my husband noticed a change in me and he started praying the same way. Twelve years later we have a marriage that is grounded in Christ and one where we put God first in our lives individually and then put our marriage in His hands and everything else just falls right into place.

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