New Beginnings

Spoiler alert:  Warning this post may or may not have a tendency to be all over the place as seem to be my thoughts these days.  I think I will use bullet points….that may help me.  🙂

  • If you have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks…then you missed our exciting news!  We are moving to Wisconsin!  I am excited and both nervous to start this adventure.  I am excited for many reasons but the most important is that this is going to be a fresh start for our family.  A chance to move on with our lives and get out of a town that I have lived 50 years in and have not seen many changes.  Well that is entirely not true.  I have seen and experienced change in this small town living.  But the change has been for the worse.  Businesses pulling out and leaving their small town roots, being forced out by Wal-Mart breaking into the business world in 1978.  Small mom and pop businesses couldn’t compete with lower prices and quantity sales.  At the same time, it provided many needed jobs for the community.  Nevertheless, there are no opportunities for future in this town.  People are generally hurtful to one another and the  spiritual state of this town is….well lets just say satan has his hand in almost everything.  Don’t get me wrong…There is good here…..It is just hard to find.  And you have to actively seek it, which most are not willing to do.  It is simply too hard.
  • I have been restoring furniture like crazy.  I am really enjoying it!  I have never taken on such projects as this before….so it has been quite challenging.  Below is just a couple of examples of what I have gotten done.

Turned this……..


into this…….


It is going to go in the new entryway at our new place with family pics in it.  I still have to put the hooks on it to hang coats on but I think it turned out pretty nice.

This bench I have had for almost 20 years…..but just never did anything with it. Everything in our living room at the new place is either black, dark stain, or tan….so I wanted to add some color.  This piece is a work in progress.





I still have to distress it and put the wonderful decals on it that my friend Ami made for me….and eventually it will look like this……


But with more of a distressed look!

My hope is to get this all done before we move.  I still have about 9 projects in the works.  I will post pictures of them as I get them done.

  • Even though I am excited about moving, I am sadden to leave friends and family behind in Missouri.  And the fact that I am moving farther away from my brother Jerry makes me even sadder.  The one good thing about that is I doubt I ever drive to his house again…..We will be flying and renting a car out there because somehow 29 hours of driving just doesn’t appeal to me. My very bestest friend Teresa is a different story.  I have a blog post started about what true friendship is and believe me when I tell you….it is taking me a while to write it because I can’t see to type to well through tears.  She is happy for us to be moving into this stage of our lives but sad that we are moving.  I will miss her so very much and I can’t seem to find words to convey what she means to me.  (I will leave that for another post.)
  • And then of course there is my mother.  I think she is truly happy that we are moving and getting out of my home town but still she is my mom and I will miss her deeply.  Fortunately we are only 8 hours away so we will get to see her often.  My new grandson, Owen, and his mom and dad, will be a reason why my mother may see me often.  🙂  Hopefully we will be coming back every other month or so and bringing him to spend some time with us.  I miss him already and we aren’t even moved yet.  He is growing so fast and I hate to miss out on so much of his life, but I have come to realize I can’t live my life for someone else.  I have to live it for God and pray that everything else follows in accordance to His will.

More to come soon I hope.  Right now my brain is mush and I am in need of some hot tub therapy here at the hotel before heading back to Missouri in the morning.  We had to take a trip to Wisconsin for a job interview that went very well for Richard Friday.  So I will keep everyone posted as news arrives.

Much love to you all

In His love and service



One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. This is a great opportunity for you all! But, you are also moving farther away from your favorite niece!! Looking forward to see what God has in store for you all!!! Remember, I’m only a phone call away!!

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