Daily Marriage Devotions Anyone?


I am trying to figure out where I want to take this blog.  For the past 30 days I have been posting on my FaceBook page love notes to benefit marriages and our attitudes about how we feel about our spouses.  It has not been so much about examining our spouses…but more about examining ourselves.

I have gotten a lot of feedback on these posts.  Mostly good, mostly supportive, but some have been very harsh in private messages about how they feel I have been representing marriages.  Of course, being a Christian, it has all been from a Biblical view point.  My goal has been to try to make others see that if you don’t have a marriage centered around Christ, then your marriage is for not.  I am not saying that it doesn’t matter or is not validated…I am just saying that if you don’t have God any where near your marriage, then your marriage is not going to blessed in a Godly manner.

People don’t realize how much satan can influence their marriage.  In the same way that God blesses your life in a good way….satan can bless it in a bad way.  Most of the time he begins destroying your marriage before you ever make it to the altar.

I will be addressing several issues from communicating to sex.  My only prayer is that if I can touch one marriage…then whatever the consequences, it will all be worth it.  So I am asking that you give me feedback, good and bad, on any and all posts.  If something strikes you as odd, ask questions.  If something blesses you, please comment and let me know that you have been blessed.

So over the next few weeks this blog may take on several new looks, writings, and views that you may not agree with.  I hope you that will benefit from it, receive a blessing.  I hope those of you who feel you have the perfect marriage, somewhere along the way you will find out that no marriage or single person is perfect, and that you can always benefit from knowledge.

That is all I intend to do.  Provide scripture and knowledge that I have built up about a Christian marriage over a period of 10+ years of being marriage to my best friend.  I never knew how rewarding and blessed I would feel from putting God first in my life, my marriage, and in all that I do.




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