Serving Him Only Is Open For Business!


My study area in our new home.

After a lot of hard work, I finally have my new blog set up for Daily Marriage Devotions.  I am excited about this but the sweat and tears that have gone into making this possible have been many. It is titled Serving Him Only All of the feelings of can I do this?  Is it going to benefit anyone?  Is anyone going to read it?  How can I move people to the new blog? And so forth and so on.

Almost 3 years ago, I started this adventure.  I just blogged about day-to-day living in God’s beautiful world.  While doing some research on the internet, I came across a blog of a woman whom I consider a dear friend, and a great prayer warrior, April.  She writes a blog titled Peaceful Wife.  Even though I have never met her, I love her with a Christ like love that I cherish.  She is a wonderful God seeking woman who I consider it a privilege to know.  I spent some time reading her blog, almost 3 years worth, LOL, and although I learned a lot, and was refreshed with some things I had forgotten, Her blog is directed at wives.  Her husband writes a blog called Respected Husband, and he directs his posts to husbands.  My husband and I have a wonderful Godly marriage and I wanted something directed at couples.

After writing blogs for the better part of 5 years on Christian living, moral values, homeschooling, and a huge variety of other subjects, I have decided to do what I hoped to accomplished when I began.  Although that focus has changed from a wide variety of subjects, God has led me to write a devotional for married couples.  I am going to try to keep it real, informative, and interesting.  In today’s day and age, marriages struggle so much with so many things that everything seems to be a deal breaker.  Divorce is easy in this country and I want to be apart of letting couples know that there is help, caring help out there.  There are people out there who care about you with a Christ like love and want to see your marriage succeed.  Succeed in a way that you never imagined possible.

I hope this new blog blesses you.  Feel free to leave comments, positive, negative, neutral, whatever you desire.  ALL feedback is welcome.  Sometimes I sparks some great discussion that broadens others thinking and just might be what they need to hear.

So head on over and give it a read.  You can follow the blog and receive daily devotions in your email with the link on the right side.  Simply enter your email and you will receive it every time there is a new post up!

Serving HIM Only

God bless and enjoy!



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