We Really Do Have A Bedroom!

I haven’t had time to post the rest of the pictures of our apartment.  I can’t believe how happy we are here.  I had hoped that I would never live in an apartment again, however, I am thrilled  with our little living space.  So here they are!


Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted a canopy bed.  I am so blessed to finally get one!


And the dressers to match!


I thought the only downfall was that the washer and dryer was in a closet in our bedroom.  But much to my surprise, it is very handy.  I always fold clothes on my bed anyway.  So out of the dryer they come and straight to the bed.  Needless to say I have several clothes baskets empty in storage now.  LOL


Th space on the right side of the picture is a huge walk in closet.  The other door as I am sure you can tell is the master bath.  Only a toilet and sink though.


The little corner in our master Bath..


Net on the wall in our little beachy bathroom!

So there you have it our little cozy apartment is finally finished.  I have a few things I still have to finish up like the big picture clock on the wall….and painting a few more little things to go in the kitchen and bathroom.


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