I’m Back!


No I did not fall off the face of the Earth.  I only got a wild hair to take on a full time job that I thought I would enjoy.  I felt like we needed the added finances and it might do me some good to get out of the house…….So I accepted a job at Charter Communications as a Billing Coordinator Specialists.  (or shorter name…answering phones to angry people who were upset about their bill.  Ok not shorter, but much simpler)

Little did I know that the last 8 months would be the most exhausting 8 months of my life.  I was a little apprehensive about it at first due to the fact that there was five weeks of training.  Wait…what?  What could possibly be so hard that would require five weeks to learn.  I mean once you learn the software and how to make changes to an account, what else could be so hard?  I am a pretty fast learner, however after completing training and heading to the floor, I began to see it was not as much about the software but how to handle the customers.  I have done Daycare or manual labor jobs my whole life, dealing with the public on many aspects, but this job was a new breed of “dealing with the public” than I had ever experienced.

I must say that the job was not a horrible job, it was just very stressful and for someone like me full of anxiety and self esteem issues, even more stressful.  My husband works there also.  He loves the job and is already starting to move up in the company.  For someone like him who has excelled in everything he has ever done, it is a great job.  He comes home mentally exhausted on good days, but he can handle that better than I.  He lets things roll off his back like water off a ducks back.  I, on the other hand, didn’t understand the anger in people for being in situations that they had most of the time caused themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of times in my life where I couldn’t pay a bill, but always understood when I called whatever company it was and they had policies that wouldn’t allow an extension.

Problem with this job was that it started making me loose all faith in humanity.  The nice understanding people that I talked to on a daily basis were few and far between.  Mostly people yelled at me for 8 hours, calling me all different names, (some of which I hadn’t heard before), and thought that the world owed them something.  They didn’t understand that Cable and Internet are luxuries, not utilities.  I left almost every night in tears and I began feeling down and felt like I was loosing everything I had spent the last few years building up in myself.  I knew I had to get out of there.

It is definitely a job that is not for everyone.  I gave it my best shot for 8 months.  So now, I am once again, going back to daycare.  I have done this most of my life and probably will continue to do so till I am no longer able.

For the 3 people that are still waiting on me to come back to blogging…..I’m back!  Hopefully I will start writing my devotional posts soon!

I am also going to write on this blog a series of blogs centered around “The Good Ole Days”.  A few years ago, my mother blessed us all with a book of her ‘memories’ and I would love to share them with you.  They are not just her memories, but a way of life for my parents generations that grew up in the 40’s and 50’s.  I can’t wait!



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